Vologda State University

Vologda State University was formed by the merger of two major universities: Vologda Technical University, Vologda State Pedagogical University, and Vologda Engineering College.

Academic year: 2 semesters, starting in September and February

Today Vologda State University is one of the leading scientific and educational centers in the North-West of Russia which combines noble traditions—developed over the years of its educational activities—with the most recent innovative technologies.

The motto of our university is “From the quality of education to the quality of life!” More than 45 thousand university graduates all over Russia and abroad work hard to build a better future for their families, communities, and counties.

Vologda State University incorporates 7 institutes, University College, and the Regional Center of Excellence that provides extension courses, best practices in focus areas, and Russian language classes for foreigners.

Vologda State University is the only educational institution in the Vologda Oblast that offers a wide range of educational programs, including those of higher education (Bachelor’s degree, Specialist’s degree, Master’s degree, and Postgraduate Studies) as well as the programs of vocational education.

The training facilities of Vologda State University, such as laboratories and computer classrooms, are equipped with all the latest technology, as well as with up-to-date software. The university has 13 educational and laboratory buildings, 9 dormitories, 2 sports complexes, 4 stadiums, and an observatory.

Students can receive treatment and rest in the sanatorium “Polytechnic” and at the sports camp “Berezhok” on the picturesque shores of Lake Azatskoye in the vicinity of the ancient town of Belozersk. All international students are provided with dormitory rooms.

The university holds the leading position in the field of information technologies. It has a corporate network of more than 4000 computers, and the university computer classrooms can seat more than 900 students. Interactive distance learning is widely used to facilitate student-teacher communication.

Vologda State University prepares students for jobs, such as mechanical engineering, construction, economics and management, ecology, tourist services, pedagogics and psychology, journalism, law, IT-technologies, and many others in the job market.

The university has over 20 student clubs and associations. Cultural events such as students’ festivals, concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, and photo contests are held every year.

VSU annually hosts sporting events, games, championships, and tournaments. There are many masters of sports and athletes who are awarded with honorary titles.

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