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Follow 7 easy steps to begin your studies:
Submit your application

Apply Online or download the application form and send it to:

We confirm receiving your application via email or phone call.
    Sign the agreement & pay the service

    The service fee includes administrative charges, admission charges, dormitory arrangement, visa documents, agency services.

    Service fee does not cover express delivery of your student visa invitation letter to your country.

    We start looking for an appropriate program. You receive our reply with available programs within 5 working days, if other terms are not specified.
    Get an offer and confirm your program

    Choose one of proposed available programs and inform us about your choice.
    Get your visa invitation

    Wait for the official invitation. Normally it takes up to 5 days for a language course and up to 45 days for a university.
    Go and collect your student visa

    We save your time and money. Our professionals will take care of your papers and make sure everything is perfect. Just pay the visa fee to the Russian Embassy and collect your visa. More information about Russia student visa.

    Get ready for your trip

    Check your documents
    Entering Russia, you should have the following documents:
    • Valid passport;
    • Student entry visa;
    • Immigration card (supplied during flights or at an airport; it must be completed by the student and stamped by customs in the airport right after arrival in Russia);
    • Passport size (3×4 cm) black and white matted photos
    • Medical health certificate including chest X-Ray and negative AIDS test result (for university applicants).

    Buy flight tickets
    Buy flight tickets, pack and take your flight to Russia!
    Our representative will meet you in the airport and arrange your transfer.

    Request airport pickup
    Please inform us about your flight at least 3 days prior to arrival so that we could arrange your safe and comfortable transfer to your destination.

    Check weather forecast
    Make sure you know what is the weather like in the region of your destination.
    Get everything you may need for the first month of your stay.
    Register at your university / school

    Register within 3 days
    Come to the international department of your university and register within the first 3 days upon arrival. The university will pass the data to the Federal Migration Service and give you a detachable section of the arrival notification form.

    Pay the tuition fee
    If you haven't paid your tuition fee in advance, now it's high time to do it.
    Tuition fee shall be paid by VISA/MasterCard or in advance by bank wire transfer upon an invoice.

    Get in touch with your counselor
    The counselor will become your first friend in Russia and will be helping you with administrative questions or different minor matters. Feel free to ask questions concerning your studies or life in Russia.

    Student Visa
    To study in Russia you need to get a student visa.

    Applicants form the countries listed below don't need visa to study in Russia:

    Southern Ossetia

    Applicants from the countries listed below can enter Russia using their national passport:


    Applicants from other countries, including the CIS countries not mentioned above, need an international passport to come to Russia.

    Even though Russia has visa-free arrangements with many countries, the duration of a visa-free stay is limited to 1 or 3 months, as such arrangements are designed for tourists, not long-term visitors. In theory, a student from a country which has visa-free arrangements with Russia can enter using only their passport, but after the permitted stay is over they will have to leave the country and re-enter it with a valid student visa. Therefore, it is simply better to get a student visa in the first place.

    Step-by-step visa prosess
    Get an invitation
    To apply for a Russia visa you need to get an invitation letter from the university or school you intend to study. For private language schools it usually takes up to 5 days and for universities - up to 45 days.

    For your comfort we will take care of your invitaion letter. Just fill in the application form and e-mail to us:

    1. a copy of your passport (page with photo)
    2. a copy of your national education certificates and (or) other qualifications recognized in Russia.

    As soon as your invitation letter is ready we will inform you and send it to your residential address via express-post.

    Note! The invitation letter is valid for three months.The express delivery expenses shall be paid by the applicant.
      Get your student visa
      Apply for a student visa at your local Embassy or General Consulate of Russia.

      List of documents required for student visa:

      1. Valid passport (valid for 1,5 year);
      2. Official invitation letter (we send it to you and a copy to the Embassy);
      3. School leaving certificate with transcripts (a list of all courses and grades/marks) or Bachelor degree diploma with transcripts/supplement;
      4. Medical examination certificate of general health;
      5. Medical certificate of HIV/AIDS test results;
      6. Passport size (3x4 cm) photos;

      Note! Documents 3, 4, 5 must be translated and legalized (contact the Embassy for this issue).

      For the first time a student can get a visa which is valid for three months. This time is enough to come to Russia and register at the university. After that you should apply for an extention of your student visa.

      List of Russian Embassies
      Extend your visa for a year
      To extend your student visa contact us 40 days prior to the expiry date of your current visa. After the extension your student visa is valid for 1 year.

      Note: every time you obtain a visa extension you have to register at the university's international office.
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