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AcademConsult is an award-winning full-circle Russian educational agency with international accreditations and outstanding business reputation.

We cooperate with agencies from all over the world to open educational opportunities in Russia.

We believe that excellent service and genuine care of our partners is our major responsibility.

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We offer you mutually beneficial cooperation and access to TOP Russian universities and schools. Become our trusted partner today and open new opportunities for your business. Apply now


You don't have to worry about the students any more. Once you send us a student application form we are in charge. Our professionals will take care of admission papers, visa, insurance, accommodation, registration, orientation etc. Our program counselors will help students on any matters. Apply now


AcademConsult is an award-winning full cycle Russian educational agency with 26+ years on international study abroad markets and outstanding business reputation. Apply now


We know how to save your time and money. No paperwork burden - only promotion and recruitment required; no registration or loyalty fees; no mandatory numbers of students to recruit. Apply now

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